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Autumn 2022: Group 36 


Below you’ll find the links to download your existing trainings and Q&A Sessions, as well as links to upcoming trainings and Q&A Sessions. You’ll also find the homework that has been assigned to compliment and complete the week’s learnings.

BEFORE YOU BEGIN WEEK 1: Please complete the following homework assignments:

  1. Obtain a notebook or journal to complete assignments and capture your progress through the program
  2. Purchase a copy of the book “The Success Principles” by Jack Canfield. You can find online (Amazon or Barnes & Noble) or in major book stores.
  3. Read the introduction, principles #1 & #2 of “The Success Principles” by Jack Canfield.
  4. Begin journaling or identifying what you want to create in your life – personal, financial, business, health, relationships, etc. You will not be sharing this with anyone so feel free to simply write about what your heart wants for you.
  5. Obtain a copy of the book, “The Big Leap” by Gay Hendricks and begin reading it now. This material is very insightful for your journey and it will help you identify how you limit your own success.
  6. CLICK HERE to download and print the Success Academy Companion Workbook and have it available during our calls. **print 8 copies of pages 51 & 52 in your workbook.

Your bonuses for taking the leap to join us in Success Academy are as follows (please download and save to your library)
Nourish Your Network mp3 Audio – CLICK HERE to download
Sales Mastery Kit digital download – CLICK HERE to download


Implement proven success habits to boost your confidence, which boosts your results.

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Week #1 Assignments:

1. Create & begin your own Morning Ritual each day. Ideally this is how you start your day before work, email, kids, etc. See page 8 in your workbook for support. I invite you to commit to at least 10 minutes – The Sacred Ten – each morning.

2. Begin doing the Mirror Exercise each day for 30 days straight. Instructions and directions are on the call as well as page 9 outlines this potent and powerful exercise. Begin today.

3. Print off your Weekly Progress Tracker (page 55) and track your results through the week.

4. Begin to focus on nourishing your relationships this week. We will do a deep dive on this topic on week 4, yet begin to nourish at least 2-3 people a week with a phone call, a card in the mail, or some other form of depositing in the relationship.

5. Read Principles 1, 3, 7, 10, and 11 in The Success Principles book this week. You can read this material in your Morning Ritual as part of your experience if you desire.

6. Begin your “I Want List” on page 11 in your workbook combined with your reading in Principle #3. Allow yourself to dream! From small desires to over the moon – What do you really want?

7. Do something kind for yourself this week from your Joy List – page 10 is where you create it. Happy people attract better results!

8. Accountability Partner? I invite you to optimize your coaching experience with an accountability partner in our current session program. Please email Lori at Lori@TiffanySpeaks.com stating that you want an accountability partner and she will assign you one this week.

BONUS: Get the book, “The Big Leap” by Gay Hendricks and read through it at your own pace. This is a phenomenal book with deep insights to how we limit ourselves and how to transform our limiting beliefs.


Crafting your inspiring vision & specific goals to consciously create your life & results.

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Week #2 Assignments:

1. Continue on with self care habits: morning ritual daily, mirror exercise daily, and at least one thing from your joy list. Use your weekly progress tracker to measure results. These are foundational to your success so do not skimp here!

2. Focus on creating your vision. Utilize page 13 in your workbook to help you do so. Begin with focusing on two of the eight areas that are listed in your workbook. Capture in writing how you want to feel, key images, and activities that describe your ideal life in those areas. Again, this likely won’t be “perfect” in a week – but dive into it.

3. Gather at least 2 images (magazines, Google, Pinterest, etc) to begin forming or adding to your vision board or vision book. Share one image or your vision board in our Facebook group. Your vision board is a collection of images, words, and symbols that represent the life you desire to intentionally architect.

4. Meet with your Accountability Partner. If you want an accountability partner, but have not yet requested one, please email my assistant Lori at Lori@TiffanySpeaks.com.

5. Set MTO goals on your Weekly Progress Tracker for relationship contacts and complete them. How many people will you nourish this week? Minimum goal within Success Academy is 2-3 each week. Send a card, go to lunch, have a great connection call. Nurture relationships in your life!

6. Watch these two videos on Goal Setting to support your progress – How To Set Goals That Really Work and 5 Tips for Successful Goal Achievement. Click the links to watch them.

7. Listen to this podcast episode 49 — Goals: Your Effort versus The Outcomeand episode 41 Your Ultimate Mindset with John Assaraf. I’m linking these to the blog posts on my website yet you can find this episode on iTunes, Spotify, or Stitcher as well.

8. Read TSP (The Success Principles) #8, #40, & #42 this week. These chapters will prepare you for next week’s focus.

And of course, HAVE FUN!
If you’re feeling stressed, decide not to be.
Yes, it is a choice that is that simple. You’re learning and growing and making progress – that IS enough!


Time management, scheduling, and crafting your environment to set you up for success!


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Week #3 Assignments:

1. Self Care Habits: Morning Ritual, Mirror Exercise, & Joy List. You are still your #1 priority!

2. Read TSP chapter 28. Ideally sooner in your week rather than later.

3. Watch the video, “3 Core Business Building Blocks”. Click here to watch.

4. Watch the video, “Office Hours for the Entrepreneur”. Click here to watch.

5. Try weekly planning this week with time blocking/scheduling 2 priorities into your calendar. Listen to the call & watch the video for guidance.

6. Watch the video, “Night Before Planning”. Click here to watch.

7. Organize & declutter one space for one hour this week. Listen to call for direction. Post your space in our Facebook group!

8. Nourish a minimum of 2-3 contacts this week. Enjoy connecting with others.



Master the art of building & nourishing relationships to create the income & business you desire. 

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Week #4 Assignments:

1. Self Care Habits: morning ritual, mirror exercise, & at least one activity off your joy list.

2. Read TSP 17, 18, & 48. Bonus reading: TSP 25

3. Watch the video, “Get More Clients Now” by clicking here. (I recorded this a long time ago, but the info is still great! :))

4. Watch the video, “Nourish Your Network” by clicking here.

5. Actively nourish at least 5 people in your relationship grid. See page 26 in your workbook as reference as well as it is detailed on the recording. Schedule a lunch or tea, send a handwritten note card, or call them to connect and listen.

6. Master Listening! Focus on having present conversations where you ask and listen, seeking to understand, in both your personal and professional life.

7. Show up to serve. It changes everything and everyone for the better.


Branding yourself & your message to tell the world about the powerful products and services you provide.

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Week #5 Assignments:

1. Continue your self care habits – morning ritual, mirror exercise, and your joy list. Great dividends get paid from great self care!

2. Work through your brand messaging on pages 30 – 32 in your Success Academy Workbook. Feel free to post your example in our Facebook group for feedback. I help others _________ (overcome a challenge) to ________ (achieve a solution).

3. In alignment with TSP 17, I want you to do an ASK this week – whether you ask someone to try your product, set up a consult or a lunch, or interview someone that you want to emulate – be willing to ASK for something that you want.

4. Nurture 5 contacts or more this week. Set up a lunch, make a call or send a card. Nourish your network every week!


Getting the word out! Utilizing free publicity, online formulas & creating interest in YOU!

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Week #6 Assignments:

1. Self Care Habits…morning ritual, mirror exercise (make eye contact!), and your joy list!

2. Listen to Disc 3 of the Sales Mastery Kit. If you do not have a kit, please let my assistant Lori know ASAP. This is delivered digitally and should have arrived to your inbox. Her email is Lori@TiffanySpeaks.com.

3. Read TSP 32, “Transform Your Inner Critic to Your Inner Coach”.

4. Contact someone in your network who has influence to traditional PR: TV, radio, newspaper, or magazine and offer to speak/share for free on their program.

5. Follow the social media 80/10/10 rule – post 80% value add, 10% personal share, 10% marketing or promotion.

6. Nourish at least 2-3 relationships this week. If social media is new for you or your want to improve it, I invite you to follow, read, or watch content from the following teachers: Mari Smith, Jasmine Star, and Gary Vaynerchuk.

7. Are you an official affiliate of mine? If not, click here to sign up. It takes less than 60 seconds. I’d love to pay you for your referrals and shares of my work with your networks as they go on to buy. For instance, let’s say you have a friend or team member or two that Success Academy would be perfect for and they want to join my January session. Share your code with them and receive a $100 for everyone who signs up via you. That can be some fun joy list or self care money for you!


8. As mentioned on our call today, I am returning to speak at an incredible conference called Align in Tampa Bay, Florida January 19-21, 2023. If you’d like to join me there, click here (use link i sent you) to purchase a ticket and use code ALIGN100 for an extra $100 off ticket price. 



Give value to get valued; knowing what to charge, your sales funnel, and mastering bonuses to boost your income.

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Week #7 Assignments:

1. Self Care Habits – treat them like gold! Morning ritual, mirror exercise, & joy list! Utilize your Weekly Progress Tracker on page 51 of your workbook.

2. Noting page 37, Your Sales Funnel, identify an offering you can make for each level – free, low tier, medium tier, and high tier in price points. You may not have something in that range as noted on the call; however, decide what you will be creating.

3. Contact at least 5 people this week to nourish relationships with, invite to learn about your business, or even ask for the sale! This may be a stretch, but you’re ready for it! Remember this, “The Universe pays you for what you DO.” So take action. Rinse. Repeat.

4. Read TSP #13 & #15 this week.

5. Watch this video, “How to Close More Sales; The Law of 4 Interactions”


The Sales Conversation, converting conversations to actual cash… and doing so with confidence, joy & ease.

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Week #8 Assignments: